Treatment for Substance Use Disorders Curriculum PDF

This is NOT a course or training - this curriculum is a downloadable and editable version of the Diversion Center's Treatment for Substance Use Disorders Workbook. This product can be downloaded, changed, and printed for your substance abuse outpatient courses unlimited times. The purpose of this product is to provide counselors with value and the ability to change workbooks to their teaching style. Buy all 4 curricula, and get 50% off - a $2000 value for only $999.98 with offer code CURRICULUM.

Treatment Curricula

Diversion Center


The Outpatient Treatment Substance Use Disorder Workbook is designed to assist therapists facilitate treatment groups for those in recovery. It helps counselors provide at least 24 different groups and has 36 topics of discussion. This thought-provoking workbook is applicable to various demographics and helps clients examine issues through open discussion.

Topics Include: Belief and Self-Image, Criminal Thinking, Professional Development, Delayed Gratification, Financial Consequences, Fear, Decision Making, Family Drama, Relapse Prevention, Denial, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Self-Care, Staying Busy, Stages of Change, Competition, Motivation to Change, Accountability, Self-Esteem, Anger Management, Mood Management, Picking Your Battles, Perception, Self-Awareness, Mindset Maintenance, Time Management, Credit, Personal Finance, Setting Goals, Appreciation, Gratitude, Letting Things Go, and more.

‚ÄčThe Diversion Center’s Outpatient Substance Use Treatment Workbook delivers relevant information and uses the client’s personal experience as a resource to reduce resistance. Through motivational interviewing, new concepts can be linked to already established beliefs and promote exploration or re-evaluation. This is the best workbook for dynamic group discussion and ‘aha’ moments.

When you purchase this curriculum, you get:

  • A PDF and editable Word document version of the Treatment for Substance Use Disorders Workbook
  • The ability to NEVER buy a workbook again - you get full rights to print as many as you want
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