Shoplifting Addiction Curricula PDF

This is NOT a course or training - this curriculum is a downloadable and editable version of the Diversion Center's Shoplifting and Theft Addiction Participant Workbook. This product can be downloaded, changed, and printed for your shoplifting and theft prevention courses unlimited times. The purpose of this product is to provide counselors with value and the ability to change workbooks to their teaching style. Buy all 4 curricula, and get 50% off - a $2000 value for only $999.98 with offer code CURRICULUM.

Treatment Curricula

Diversion Center


This workbook was developed by the Founder of the National Association of Shoplifting and Theft Addiction Specialists to help facilitate counseling classes for Shoplifting Addicts. This is a growing problem, and without proper intervention, shoplifters will not change. This workbook is designed for a 12-week group program, but can be used for individual sessions as well. This book is 137 pages of rich content, with topics including: social and self-awareness, shoplifting and theft assessment, understanding cravings and triggers, developing and implementing a relapse prevention plan, anger and depression, change, self-esteem, criminal thinking, instant v. delayed gratification, penalties of shoplifting and theft, setting goals, and much more.

The treatment objectives are to:

  • Understand why you shoplift and/or steal.
  • Prevent, reduce, and eliminate shoplifting and theft behavior.
  • Help you manage and control your responses to anger and depression.
  • Assist in changing your perceptions, values, thought management, and conditioning.
  • Help improve your self-esteem and personal/professional development.
  • Promote self-awareness, preventative strategies, and social skills.

When you purchase this curriculum, you get:

  • A PDF and editable Word document version of the Shoplifting and Theft Addiction Participant Workbook
  • The ability to NEVER buy a workbook again - you get full rights to print as many as you want
  • The freedom to print the pages you want to use, and ignore those you won't use
  • The ability to add, edit, and remove content to the workbook - we give you all the tools you need to facilitate a shoplifting psychoeducation course
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